Vertical Farming Container is an automatic growing system inside a 40’ shipping container, equipped with vertical growing racks, air-conditioner, lighting system,watering system,etc. It’s land saving,energy saving and easy handling. 

Below is the design of full container:

40HQ Container size: (12m L * 2.35m W * 2.7m H)

1. Grow Area /Size of rack: 9.3m L * 0.6m W * 2 Groups

2. Grow Channel : (100 X 50 X 9300mm = 40 strips)

3. Grow Qty : 40strips X 62 holes=2480 holes (one Φ50mm hole every15cm distance)

4. Grow Time : about 30 ± 5 days

Above design is for lettuce and leaf crops, for fruit crops or cannabis, the grow channel could be 100*100mm and to be  2 layers.

LED Lamp:

Fertilizer Auto Controlling System