Toplight G3 2-in-1 LED Light fixture for Cannabis Growing

It upgrades the optics, and mounting design base on G2 series.This product provides a more efficient and long-life solution than traditional HPS.Help farmers reduce costs and improve crop yield and quality.


Top Light G3 2-in-1 is a member of the horticultural product line from product release 2020 year. It is made up of 2 Toplight G3 and an adjustable bracket. This product provides one by one replace solution of traditional 600W and 1200W HPS.


• Adjustable angle bracket,flexible adjustment of beam angle;

• High efficiency optical design;

• Tempered glass cover and IP65 waterproof level,easy to clean;

• Customized cable design for different replacement or new project;

• Anodized aluminium lamp body with high thermal conductivity and resistant to corrosion.

• Certified IP65 connector;

• Overall anti-rust and anti-corrosion design;

• High efficiency and PF LED power supplier