Benefits of growing weed indoors
High-quality weed: Every aspect of your environment is under control.

Multiple harvests: Without the sun and the seasons limit, plants could grow as big as you want before flip them into flower, harvest, and then start another batch right away. Grow whenever , even straight through winter.

Privacy and security: Conceal  from judgmental neighbors and definitely from potential thieves. Growing indoors allows planter to grow discreetly behind a locked door.

Container with good heat insulation and climate condition system guarantee the growing environment.

If the temperature is -10C to 40C Degree,covering of the container: Sandwich Sheet with Good Heat Insulation. 

If the climate condition is out of the scop, cooler container will be suggested.

Ebb Growing Bench is popular for hydroponics growing.

Drip Irrigation System with Pot growing is also popular with easy handling.

Lighting is vital to cannabis.Our lighting system is found efficient with our customer's experience.

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